You will hear almost no sound from the Motor, You may hear a very light and low curtain moving sound.

You can hand pull the curtain if there is no power.

By pulling the curtain a couple inches, it will activate the Motor to move the Curtain to the end.

There is an option of having the RJ11 port for connectivity which is 100% compatible with major systems in the market such as Crestron, Control 4, Z-wave,…etc.

The Track is thick and heavy duty. It requires special electric saw to cut it short. If the Track is wanted to be cut short to fit an exact size for installation, please notify us to cut it short for you. There is no charge for having it cut to the exact size.

  • There will be 1 Curtain Runner every 4”. e.g. 5’ Track = 60” = 15 Curtain Runners; 16’ Track =192” = 48 Curtain Runners.
  • If the curtain is designed with more (or less) curtain hooks, you may request more (or less) Curtain Runners. There is no charge but please notify us (if needed) when the order is placed. It will be a complicated job to add or subtract curtain runners once the Track is built.

  • The track has moving eyelets for the curtain hooks. Each eyelet is 1/2" width.
  • There are 2 fixed holes at the very end of the track for the very last 2 hooks of the curtain covering the Motor. These 2 hooks are fixing the curtain not moving away. These 2 fixed holes are 4" apart.
  • There is a moving Master Carrier in the very beginning pulling the curtain. This Master Carrier has 3 holes for the very first 3 hooks of the curtain. This Master Carrier is 6".
  • Therefore, 6" + 4" = 10" ( 5 hooks) plus 1/2" times # of remaining hooks. Will be the minimum width needed inside the track for the curtain. If this is a center opening, it should be identical for both sides.
  • Thickness of fabric used or design of the curtain (e.g. how it is folded) are also factors be considered to need additional space.