Ultimate Solution for Motorized Electric Curtain Track System

CL-920C3 Dual Track Automatic Curtain System



*Shipping/handling exceptions: Hawaii , Alaska, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and International — (Contact us, we will email you the shipping cost)

Accessories Optional

CL-920C3 Motor is powered with 3 open wires to be connected to the power lines directly.

Remote Control is required to operate the curtain. Hand pull the curtain a few inches forward/backward will also activate the Motor moving the Curtain to the end.

Wireless Wall Control is also available as R35-C1 or R35-C2

Price includes the specified size Motorized Track, Motor, Remote Control, Mounting Brackets and Curtain Runners.

A complete system that comes with all necessary parts for automating your curtain. (The curtain itself is not included).


  1. Home Theater or Home Automation System connectivity port is available at $ 35
  2. Timer Control (operates up to 20 operations daily with multiple systems) is available at $ 175
  3. The Track is designed with Curtain Runners (Eyelets) for Pinch Pleated Curtain with hooks. The Track can be used for Ripple Fold Curtain by replacing the Eyelets with Ripple Fold Curtain Runners and Ripple Fold Buckle Tape for the curtain. The Buckles are 4 15/16″ (125mm) spaced on the Tape. There is an option for the spaced Ripple Fold Runners as follow:
    • 2 3/8″ (60mm)
    • 2 3/4″ (70mm)
    • 3 1/8″ (80mm)
    There is a charge of $7 per foot of the Track size for replacing the regular Eyelets with the Ripple Fold Runners and the Buckle Tape.
  4. Remote Control options:
    • 1-Channel Remote Control, add $ 35 (add only $20 if purchased with system)
    • 3-Channel Remote Control, add $ 45 (add only $30 if purchased with system)
    • 6-Channel Remote Control, add $ 55 (add only $40 if purchased with system)
    • 16-Channel Remote Control (Led Display), add $ 85 (add only $50 if purchased with system)

The Track must be used as a straight track, can not be curved.
Curved Track is available and must be custom made, please email us for quotation.

Assembling is required for Track size over 8′. Please email us for instructions if wanted.

Dual-Track system is usually used for a curtain and a sheer behind the curtain.

Dual-Track system is operated independently with the Remote Control.


  1. The Track is thick and heavy duty. It requires special electric saw to cut it short. If the Track is wanted to be cut short to fit an exact size for installation, please notify us to cut it short for you. There is no charge for having it cut to the exact size.
  2. Curtain Runners are provided based on 4″ apart between 2 curtain hooks. e.g. 16′ Track = 192″ divided by 4 = 48 hooks + 1st hook = 49 Curtain Runners are built onto the Track.
  3. If the curtain is designed with more (or less) curtain hooks, you may request more (or less) Curtain Runners. There is no charge but please notify us (if needed) when the order is placed.
Model Voltage Frequency Power Torque Speed Line Speed Insulation Level Protection Index
CL-920C3 AC100-240V 50Hz/60Hz 50W 1.6N.m 100rpm 10cm/s E IP41


  • CL-920C3 is a true commercial grade, virtually silent operation, Motorized Curtain Track System
  • Quiet and Comfortable experience as low Noise improving as less than 36dB, and free of lubrication
  • Allowing for curtains to be opened and/or closed manually (by hand) when power is off
  • When power is on, motor can be started just by light touch of the curtain fabric
  • Bounce to the right position automatically to get rid of the extrusion of fabric
  • Stopping points can be pre-set by manual pull, which adjusts the shading of light and tidy the fabric itself
  • Built-in stop sensitive components allows it to find its limits and stops by counting automatically, which eases installation and setup process
  • Stop by counting precisely without accumulated error, which avoids the system instability and noise caused by inaccurate counting
  • Diminishes the noise caused by clutch on and off by completely new EM clutch
  • Applicable in medium-scale curtain by its quality drive shaft with big torque, pull force not less than 8Kg and load weight not less than 50kg
  • Efficiently increases the force and load weight for heavy-load curtain system by adding a secondary motor with perfect synchronization in one single track
  • Satisfying various applications by control options like RTS, IR Control, pulse control, BUS control and smart high voltage
  • 100% Compatible with Crestron and other major brands of Home Automation Systems
Features: Specifications:
• Controlled by either a remote control or a control pad (Optional) • Safe and reliable design
• Timer (Optional) • Wired directly into household power circuit
• Choice of (1 to 1) or (multi) remote control • Input voltage: 100V~240V/ 50Hz~60Hz
• Built-in Connectivity Interface for Home Automation (optional) • Torque: 1.6Nm
• Perfect for consumer and/or commercial applications • Operation power: 50W
• Center, Left or Right opening • Overloading protection
• Straight or (optional) curved track • Built-in manual operation clutch
• Stops at any position preferred • Maximum load: up-to 100 lbs per Motor
• DIY-Easy to follow video instructions • 2 year limited warranty
• Easy installation, simple operation • 5 year extended warranty available
• Elegant operate function
• Electronic limit
• Light open and light close function
• Built – in radio receiver
• Resistance and stop function
• Light touch – start function
• Power off – manual function
Size (feet)

3-6 feet ($730), 6-10 feet ($770), 10-13 feet ($880), 13-16 feet ($970), 16-20 feet – single motor ($1200), 16-20 feet – dual motor ($1560), 20-26 feet – single motor ($1400), 20-26 feet – dual motor ($1760), 26-36 feet ($1960)

*Specify Feet

3 feet, 4 feet, 5 feet, 6 feet, 7 feet, 8 feet, 9 feet, 10 feet, 11 feet, 12 feet, 13 feet, 14 feet, 15 feet, 16 feet, 17 feet, 18 feet, 19 feet, 20 feet, 21 feet, 22 feet, 23 feet, 24 feet, 25 feet, 26 feet, 27 feet, 28 feet, 29 feet, 30 feet, 31 feet, 32 feet, 33 feet, 34 feet, 35 feet, 36 feet

*Specify Inch

0", 1", 2", 3", 4", 5", 6", 7", 8", 9", 10", 11"

*Specify Fraction

0", 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8"

Opening Style

Center Open, Left Pull, Right Pull

Mounting Bracket

Wall Mount, Ceiling Mount

Remote Control

Not Needed ($0), 1-Channel ($20), 3-Channel ($30), 6-Channel ($40), 16-Channel ($50)